In tandem with Chiapas International (formerly The Chiapas Project), Recycle to Eradicate Poverty energizes organizations to collect used cell phones/PDAs and inkjet cartridges to be recycled. The proceeds from those recycling efforts are used by Chiapas International to provide microfinance loans as small as $50 to women entrepreneurs to create a small business, which can eventually sustain her family.

Chiapas International was founded in 2003 by Real Estate Developer, Lucy Billingsley, who was later joined by top Dallas civic and business leaders. Chiapas International is a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit that was inspired by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, founder of the Grameen Bank, and author of the book Banker To The Poor. Dr. Yunus created the concept of providing small loans to women that no one else would loan to, “the poorest of the poor.” He began in 1976 in a small village in Bangladesh, and created a program now embraced by the world.

Microfinance is a proven means of addressing and breaking the cycle of poverty in many cases. Today more than 250 institutions in nearly 100 countries operate microfinance programs based on the Grameen methodology. Dallas based, Chiapas International has contributed over $4,480,000 for microfinance in Latin America and the Caribbean in partnership with the Grameen Foundation in Washington.

Chiapas International, recently honored by the Dallas Regional Chamber as an outstanding small international business, is the only grassroots organization in the United States that has partnered with the Grameen Foundation to provide funding to women living on a dollar or two a day.

Recycle to Eradicate Poverty gives people everywhere a chance to help change lives by recycling used cell phones/PDAs and ink jet cartridges. Something you no longer use can change somebody else’s life, for good!

One cell phone can contaminate 35,000 gallons of water. Each cell phone contains eight toxic substances. These items should not be thrown away or left at home in drawers or toy boxes; they should be recycled to create life changing loans for the poorest of the poor. Please join our effort.

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